Herd management


Our irrigated paddocks average between 5 to 10 hectares each and are managed by a pasture specialist who makes ground analysis every year to ensure the continued optimum potential of the land is maintained.

Our feed rations are studied by nutritional veterinaries and assess all aspects of the horses individual needs thoroughout the year.

Our Team

We have under our responsibility around sixty broodmares, fifteen of them owned by ourselves. Our team of professionals specialise in the management of each stage of breeding: foaling, post natal and gynocology care, foals, yearlings and also horses at rest.


We manage the foaling exclusively for our owners and immediately after birth immunological tests are routinely made from all the mares and foals.

Breeding Season

During the breeding season we ensure daily sanitary reproduction follow up of the broodmares. Our own specialist transport is used to take our mares (and foals) to be covered by stallions here in France or abroad.


Our climate allows us to maximise the benefit of our pastures. The foals can go out in the morning and return to the boxes in the evening every day of the year.

Our oceanic climate allows us to send our yearlings to the meadows from the beginning of March. The yearlings for sale will start their preparation at the end of June in the paddocks before their final preparation in the stables prior the sales. The yearlings destined for the racecourse will profit from the pastures up to the end of Autumn.

We also provide our facilities for horses at rest and recovering from injury.

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